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TikTok ReVanced is the most advanced version of official TikTok where you can watch videos without having ads. As we all know that TikTok is the most popular short video platform where you can upload short videos with your own voice or with most popular musics across the worldwide. Since TikTok has launched, it’s become so much popular in all over the world and people are crazy about this platform. However, one thing that people don’t like in TikTok is its ads like in your TikTok feed there you have to watch ads.

Current Version: V31.4.3

Like YouTube and other platform TikTok hasn’t any kinds of premium subscription which can turn on the ads and gives you other VIP features. So that’s why it’s compulsory that you have to watch each of the ads while watching any kinds of TikTok videos. Now here we provide the TikTok ReVanced which is advanced version which never lets you watch any ads along with its offer so many VIP features including videos download, remove watermark and other for completely free.

TikTok ReVanced APK for Android

What Is TikTok ReVanced?

To know what is TikTok ReVanced first you have to know what is TikTok. TikTok is the most popular short video platform across all over the world and in this app anybody can create their own short videos in less than minute. This application allow you to create videos max to max 60 sec just because this only for short videos. To create videos on the TikTok you just have to create an account here and then you are able to create video with all popular music in this world or you can add your own voice also. Now what is TikTok ReVanced? So basically it’s an advanced version which is developed by the oSumAtrIX including so many contributors. In this advanced version of TikTok you will get so many premium features for completely free just like ads free watching and many things. In short ReVanced TikTok is a modified version of official TikTok which lets you more features than its official one.

Why TikTok ReVanced?

Instead of official TikTok people are thinking why they should use this TikTok ReVanced. So there are many several differences between TikTok and TikTok ReVanced, TikTok is the official app so there you have to watch so many ads. And TikTok hasn’t any kinds of premium subscription so that why you can’t disable too. Not only that you can’t download any videos from TikTok because they haven’t offered any feature to download content. Along with if you download videos from TikTok using some third party online web tool then that video will be come with a watermark. In the other hand this advanced version TikTok has all the features you cloud get from its modified version. So these are the main reason why you should use the TikTok ReVanced.

App NameTikTok ReVanced
App Size269 MB
Latest Version31.4.3
last UpdateOct 27, 2023

Key Features of TikTok ReVanced

Key Features of TikTok ReVanced
  • Ads Free Feed: This app completely removes the annoying ads which are appearing in the video feed.
  • Speed control: Speed control allow you to control the video speed like slow motion or fast motion.
  • Remove Watermark: Download any videos without having any kinds of TikTok watermark.
  • Change Video Path: If you wonder to download video to your another file then change the video path.
  • Hide Livestream: if you don’t want to watch any livestreams from creator then you can hide livestreams.
  • Restricted Mode: Restricted mode help you to watch all those content too which are restricted by your country.

All New Advanced Features of TikTok ReVanced

As compare to the official TikTok this ReVanced TikTok is so much advance which offers features that you never used. Basically this app is known for offering all new advanced features of TikTok. In ReVanced TikTok you will get features like ads free video feed, remove watermark and also many more including:

Remove Feed Ads

Remove Feed Ads

While watching TikTok video ads are the only thing which people never like, basically after watching few videos of TikTok appears another ads so that why people are getting very frustrated. Unlike YouTube TikTok doesn’t have any kinds of premium subscription which can provide ads free service include with VIP features. So that’s why people use some kinds of modified application to control those ads, but it’s not safe for your device. However, if you want to use TikTok without having any ads then you should use the TikTok ReVanced because it’s a safe way to block ads.

Remove Watermark

Remove Watermark

When you download any videos from TikTok then it will come with a watermark of TikTok. And downloading any videos nobody loves to see watermark in the video because they want to use that videos for more other works. And TikTok hasn’t any kinds of premium subscription that why there are no ways to remove the watermark. Now if you are also one of them who also want to download TikTok video without having watermark. Then you should download and install the TikTok ReVanced from here because this advanced version doesn’t appear any kinds of watermark.

Seekbar For Videos

Seekbar For Videos

If you don’t know what is seekbar then basically is the that line which appear on the below of the video which shows the duration of the video and which help you to skip the video for few second or minute. Although TikTok is a short video platform, so there are no need to skip the video part but still TikTok allow people to upload video in 60 sec duration. However, when watching video if you missed any interesting part of the video and you want to watch that part again then seekbar help you to watch that part again without watching the video again.

Slow Down or Speed Up Video

Slow Down or Speed Up Video

For watching any informational video on the TikTok you should understand the video very well. But did you know TikTok is a short video platform that’s why people upload long video in fast motion to support on TikTok. Now watching those videos you can’t understand very well so you need to watch that video in sow motion. But official TikTok hasn’t any support any kinds of slow motion and fast motion so that why you should use the TikTok ReVanced from here because this advanced version provide the amazing features of slow motion and fast motion.

Change Download Path

Change Download Path

When you download video from the official TikTok then it will be downloaded to device’s storage which support by the official app. But if your device storage gets finished then how you can download videos, so the answer is external storage, but again TikTok not support any external storage. However, if you are finding for the solution of downloading the video in another path from TikTok then here are the solution here. Basically the ReVanced TikTok which shared here which change the download path, TikTok ReVanced gives you the power and authority to do just that.

Remove Restrictions

Remove Restrictions

Did you know that? TikTok ha restriction mode where you can’t see those videos which are banned y your country or gov. But there are so many people who want to watch those videos too which are banned in their country. Now if you are also one of them who also want to watch restricted videos from your country then install the TikTok ReVanced from here. Because TikTok ReVanced is the only best advanced version of TikTok which allow you to watch all the video no matter if the video is banned or not.

Hide Livestreams

Hide Livestreams

Just like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube TikTok has also option to do livestream if you are at least 16 years age and if you have minimum follower count before you can access the live-streaming feature. But the thing is lots of people don’t love to watch livestream and livestream will come in the video feed. So there are no ways to not watch a livestream from the creator of official TikTok. However, The TikTok ReVanced ha option to hide livestreams, so if you don’t want to watch livestream then download this advanced version of TikTok and hide livestreams easily.

How To Download and Install TikTok ReVanced

Note: If you want to download the ReVanced TikTok and you don’t know how to download from here then it’s very simple and easy to do task. You just have to follow some simple steps which are shared below just follow those instructions and easily download the application to your android device.

Step1: To download TikTok ReVanced first click on the download button which are shared top of this page.

Step2: Now you will be visited the official download page of the app, so here you can see a lot of version available.

Step3: So select the version which will be compatible for your device like if your device rooted then download rooted version or if non-rooted device then download the normal app.

Step4: Then here will be your download process was started here, so let the downloading process complete till the end.


Note: Installing the ReVanced TikTok is one of the easy thing to do but still many people have no idea how it’s done on the android device. So if you are also one of them just follow those simple instructions which are given below and just install the app on your android device. Installing the TikTok ReVanced non-rooted version is more easy as compare to installing the ReVanced rooted version.

Step1: To install the application you have to visit your device file manager then find the ReVanced TikTok which you have to download and click on the installation button.

Step2: now you have to visit your device setting and then find the unknown resource and then enable the unknown resource for the installation process.

Step3: Then back to the installation process and let the process complete automatically until it comes with option done or open.

Step4: So here we go your installation was complete here and you are able to successfully run the ReVanced TikTok on your android device.

Download TikTok ReVanced For Android

Want to become a popular person across all around the world by making short videos then TikTok is the best option. And here you will get the advanced version of TikTok which is known as TikTok ReVanced, So if also looking to download this app then this is the place you are finding for. The reason why ReVanced TikTok is advanced because as compare to the official app it offers more features including VIP features. The most useful thing about this TikTok ReVanced App is its completely ads free feed which is the most popular feature in this app. Now in the conclusion we can suggest you to use the application from here because we have tested our application with our thousand of users. And those who have tried the TikTok ReVanced APK from here they find it very useful with its premium features like downloading content remove watermark and also many more. So download the TikTok ReVanced for your android device and create amazing short videos and become viral in all over the world.

People Also Search

Q1: Who is the founder and creator of TikTok Revanced?

The official TikTok is launched on the September 2017 which is a Chinese company ByteDance. But this TikTok ReVanced is developed by oSumAtrIX and also many others contributors.

Q2: Is TikTok ReVanced APK safe to use?

Yes of course the TikTok ReVanced is completely safe and secure to use on your android device. ReVanced TikTok is build on the ReVanced patches and ReVanced is an open source which is offered by So whenever you want to download then app make you are downloading from a trusted source and we suggest you to download from

Q3: Is TikTok ReVanced ads free feed.

The reason behind people use ReVanced TikTok is only for its never appear ads on the feed. And yes the official TikTok has ads on the feed, so if you find ads are annoying on the TikTok feed then you should use the TikTok ReVanced.

Q4: is it possible to download TikTok ReVanced APK from Google Play Store?

No you can’t find or download ReVanced TikTok on the Google Play Store the reason behind it is Play Store never support any kinds of third [party application and TikTok Revanced is a third party app, but if wish to download then you can download from here

Q5: How to install TikTok ReVanced on PC?

Basically in PC or laptop you can’t install any android application but still you want to install the TikTok ReVanced on your PC then first you have to install an emulator which will be help you to support android application in PC or laptop. For a better emulator you can install BlueStacks, or MEmu.

Q6: How to update the TikTok ReVanced APK?

ReVanced TikTok is a third party modified application therefor you can’t find it on the Play Store that’s why you have to update the app manually. So to update you can download the latest version from here and then install it on your device then it will be updated.


  1. Always Advanced Features
  2. Convenience and Accessibility
  3. Discovery and Recommendations
  4. Cost-Effective
  5. Portability and Offline Listening


  1. Limited Functionality
  2. App Incompatibility
  3. Stability and Reliability
  4. Security Risks
  5. Manually Update
  6. Installation Complexity