ReVanced Music APK v6.39.50 (Official) For Android

ReVanced Music

ReVanced Music lets you stream unlimited music without having any ads while listening. Music can change the world like without music we can’t live in these days, So for daily life we need to listen music very badly. Listening music YouTube Music is always one of the best experience you will ever have. But one bad thing about YouTube Music is there you have to listen so many ads while listening to music, and that’s why people get so much dissatisfied.

Current Version: V6.39.50

So in this case one of the best solution use using YouTube Music Vanced, But the thing is YouTube Vanced is stopped permanently. Now the best alternative of YouTube Music Vanced is ReVanced Music, Because Revanced Music is same as Vanced Music even Revanced Music APK offer such more features. You can listen to all your favorite music only on ReVanced Music with so many advanced features that you never used before. So if you are also searching for the ReVanced Music then download from here for android and listening all millions of music without having ads.

ReVanced Music latest for Android

What Is ReVanced Music?

The first YouTube Music official modified version has launched as YouTube Music Vanced and that become so much popular across the world-wide. But YouTube Vanced has stopped permanently by its official developers therefor the Vanced Music also has stopped. So the ReVanced Music is official replacement of Vanced Music and it’s a very advanced version of Vanced Music which offers more features that Vanced. You can listen to unlimited music in Revanced Music APK with ultimate VIP features which all are free including premium subscription. In short the YouTube ReVanced Music in the official alternative of Vanced Music where you can enjoy all the YouTube music without having ads including VIP features.

App NameReVanced Music
App Size45 MB
Latest Version6.39.50
last UpdateFeb 20, 2024

Continue The Journey With ReVanced

We all know that YouTube Vanced is the most popular YouTube modified and advanced version till now because it was used by millions of people around the world. So the same way official developers also offered Vanced Music which got popular too. At that time Vanced has stopped in all over the world and currently you can use Vanced Music but you will never get any kinds of official update. And without an official update using any application isn’t safe for your device. But don’t worry if you are a Vanced Music users because here we have come with the official replacement of Vanced Music which is known as Revanced Music. This new revolution and advanced version of YouTube Music include more VIP features than Vanced Music. So download and install the ReVanced Music on your android device and continue the legacy of Vanced Music with premium features.

Vanced Music vs ReVanced Music

Vanced MusicReVanced Music
Old VersionLatest Version
Premium FeaturesAdvanced Features
No Official UpdatesRegular Official Updates
Security RisksCompletely Safe
Can be StoppedPermanent Use

Key Features of ReVanced Music

  • (Podcast) Listens to all your favorite podcast from all over world-famous artists.
  • (High Quality Streaming) Always stream and listening to music in high quality with best listening experience.
  • (Best Recommendation) Get the best recommendation like which you love to listen get recommend of similar musics.
  • (Videos) Over all the music and podcast ReVanced app also offers videos for most songs and mixes on the platform.
  • (Download Content) You can easily download each of the music to your internal storage which you want to listen.
  • (Dark Mode) Turn on dark more and your ReVanced Music interface will be fully dark and explore more
  • (Battery Saver) if device has less battery then just on the battery saver mode for long listening experience.
  • (Add Custom Logo) Create a custom logo and add to the branding logo.

All New Advanced Features of ReVanced Music

The reason why people prefer to use ReVanced Music over Vanced Music and YouTube Music is only for such advanced features which are truly unavailable on other modified apps. This ReVanced Music will bring you such incredible features that you can never be used before just like Ads Free watching, Background Play, SponsorBlock, Restricted mode and also many things:

Background Play

Background play is the most useful feature for all the music lover because you can do other task while listening to music just like WhatsApp or Facebook. Most of the people love to listen music when they are working even if they or just chilling so for those people background play is an amazing feature. So with the ReVanced Music you can do others task as well when you are listening music or watching video too. Simply play your favorite music on this app and listen to high quality music in the background play and always keep your mind fresh and energetic.

Ads Free Experience

While listening to music on the YouTube Music people always hate one thing and that is ads, basically while listening music there will be some ads which you have to watch before and after the music. And the solution of ads you have to buy the premium membership subscription in exchange for real money. Although there are so many YouTube Music modified application available which can block all those ads. But the thing is not every modified YouTube Music is safe to use. So that why we recommend utilizing the ReVanced music which bring you ads free service including so many7 VIP features that are truly unavailable on any other applications.

Real Time Lyrics

Sometimes people love to sing the music which they are listening at that time, but the thing is they don’t know the lyrics of music. In the other hand many people love to remember some popular musics lyrics, and to know the lyrics of every music they just got from many websites. However, if you are also one of them who also love to sing the lyrics while listening any music then we shared your solution. Because the ReVanced Music has feature of real time lyrics. So whenever you will be listening any kinds of music on the ReVanced Music then you will get the real time lyrics on the screen.

Skip Sponsor Part

Didi you most of the YouTube Music of videos comes with a sponsor part in the video where they promote a brand in exchange for money. So when you will listen to music or watching videos then you have to listen or watch that part, although you can skip that part manually but still that’s very annoying for people. So for that reason we always recommend our users to use ReVanced Music so that they don’t have to listen or watch any kinds of sponsor part in the video or music. Now if you think how so basically this application has feature of SponsorBlock which automatically skip every sponsor of music and video.

Return Dislike Button

Those who are old user of YouTube they know very well that YouTube had like and dislike button before November 2021. But after November 2021 YouTube decided to remove the like and dislike button permanently. So the same way YouTube Music also don’t have any like and dislike button so if you like or dislike any video then you can’t see the numbers of how many likes has in any video. Although you can use many online web tool to see the actual number of dislike and like numbers. But the best option is ReVanced Music because you will get more VIP features too with like and dislike button.

Swipe Controls

Did you know that the ReVanced Music has swipe control? And it’s a one of the most useful feature in all of them. This swipe control is most popular in MX Player where people control the display brightness and device sound by just swiping the display. So the same way in this application you can control brightness and sound with swiping. To control the sound of the device just swipe right up and sound will up and if you swipe display right in down then sound will be also down. So the same thing which you have to do for controlling the brightness, but the difference is you have to swipe left side display for brightness.

Offline Music Experience

For most of the people music is part of their life so that they always love to listen music either they are working or chilling. But whenever you don’t have internet then how they will listen to music right? So the answer is ReVanced Music. Because the ReVanced Music app has feature to save music to offline mode to their account. Basically you can add music to offline mode and then you can listen to those musics if you don’t have internet. Not only that even you can download all the music to your internal storage which you can share with your another device or with your friends.

Create Your Own Playlist

Create Your Own Playlist

Those who are really obsessed with music they always love to listen those musics which are their favorite genre. So most of the time music love create a playlist which they play to listen all their favorite music next to next. Now you will be happy hearing that the ReVanced Music has amazing features which lets you create your own playlist with all your favorite music with same genre. So you can create a playlist where you can add your favorite genre musics so that whenever you want to listen that kinds of genre music then just play the playlist and listen to your favorite music for long.

Restricted Mode

Restricted Mode

The official YouTube Music has restricted more which never offer you to listen those musics which are restricted in any country or area. That means if your gov has restricted any kinds of music in your area or country then you never can listen to those musics with the official YouTube. But don’t worry if you are use of ReVanced Music because it has option to off the restricted mode so that you can listen those musics also which are restricted in your area. Now with the advanced version of ReVanced Music never interrupt you to listen music either It’s restricted or not restricted in your country or area.

How To Download and Install ReVanced Music

Downloading ReVanced Music from is very easy and simple for our every user. But still many people have no idea how to download, so if you are also one of them then just follow some easy steps which are shared below just follow them and do your downloading complete.

Step1: To download ReVanced Music first get a button in top of this page click on that and continue the process.

Step2: Now you will visit the downloading official page, so here you can see lots of versions available just rooted and non-rooted even older version too.

Step3: Then just simple choose the app version which will be suit to your android device, If your device rooted then download rooted, or if non-rooted then just go for the normal version.

Step4: Here we go your downloading process will be automatically start over here so let the process complete till 100%.

Installing the ReVanced Music is one of the simple thing, you just have to know the process once then you can simply install in any device. But remember one thing to install it on rooted device is not same as installing non-rooted device because the process is simply different. But one common thing about both of them is you have to install the ReVanced MicroG for both of them to run the app. However, the installation instruction is shared below just follow those steps and successfully install the app on your android device.

Installation of YT ReVanced

Step1: To Install the ReVanced Music first go to your device setting and then find unknown resource, Then just simple enable the unknown resource.

Step2: Now visit device file manager where your application has been downloaded, then click on the app and then click on the installation button.

Step3: So here will be your installation was start now let it complete until it comes with option done or open the app.

Step4: After that same way install the ReVanced MicroG which you have downloaded for installing the ReVanced Music.

Step5: So after all the installation process you have successfully installed the app, then enjoy unlimited music with premium features.

Download ReVanced Music For Android

Witness the new replacement of YouTube Music Vanced with ReVanced Music and enjoy unlimited music streaming including ultimate VIP features. There are also so many YouTube Music modified version available, but the thing is most authentic and safe version is one this ReVanced Music APK. ReVanced Music is trusted by millions of users from all over the world, because they have used the app and they find it very useful. Therefor we also suggest you to use the YouTube ReVanced Music for listening to all your favorite music around the glob. Not only that we have also tested the ReVanced Music for your better safety and security. Listen music with real time lyrics and learn each of the musics lyrics in just few minutes. So in the conclusion of this post if you are searching for the same app then this is the right place so download and install the ReVanced Music for android.

People Also Search

Q1: Is ReVanced YouTube safe to use?

Yes of course the ReVanced Music is absolutely safe to use, it’s an open source which is offered by But whenever you want to download the ReVanced Music then you will recommend you to install it from its official source (

Q2: How to download install YouTube ReVanced on PC?

To download the ReVanced Music you can directly download from here or you can visit, And to install PC doesn’t support any kinds of android application, so there are need for an emulator which can help you to install ReVanced Music on PC. For best emulator we suggest you to install the BlueStacks, or MEmu.

Q3: Can I download ReVanced APK from Google Play Store?

Basically the ReVanced Music APK is a third party application and Google Play Store never support any kinds of third party application. But don’t worry if you wonder to download ReVanced Music then you can download the app from here or you can download from

Q4: Is the YouTube ReVanced Ads free streaming?

Of course any premium subscription include ads free streaming and this ReVanced Music is complete advanced which offers such VIP features where you can enjoy amazing features like background play, SponsorBlock, and even ads free experience.

Q5: Installing the YouTube ReVanced is there required for root?

Basically we provide both rooted and non-rooted version so you can have them from here. If you think that your device is a rooted then just go the root version, And if your device is non rooted then just go for non-rooted version.

Q6: How to update the ReVanced APK?

Basically this ReVanced Music is not run by the Google Play Service because it’s run on the ReVanced MicroG so therefor you have to update manually. Now if you need to update the ReVanced Music then just uninstall the old version and download the latest version from here and install to your device.


  1. Always Advanced Features
  2. Convenience and Accessibility
  3. Discovery and Recommendations
  4. Cost-Effective
  5. Portability and Offline Listening


  1. Limited Functionality
  2. App Incompatibility
  3. Stability and Reliability
  4. Security Risks
  5. Installation Complexity