ReVanced microG

Since the official Vanced MicroG app was discontinued for legal issues, which was worldwide popular and useful. But it’s not over for all Vanced lover, because one of the hidden developers team again developed the ReVanced YouTube which to continue the Vanced services with the official YouTube update version. So here, you’ll also need the ReVancd MicroG app to keep using the latest version Revanced YouTube on your Android device.

Current Version: V0.2.28.231657

But you first have to know how you can get the official and working ReVanced YouTube? So you can download the ReVanced YouTube from official ReVanced GitHub account, which will be little confusing patch and using code process for those don’t have knowledge of it. And here we make the way easy for you where you don’t need to patch or any codes, because here we’ll provide you the plan APK file which you can install on your Android device and with install this ReVanced MicroG project you can again use your most loved Vanecd YouTube which will be renamed as ReVanced.

What Is ReVanced MicroG?

Before knowing what is ReVanced MicroG app, let’s know what is MicroG? Which will more informative for you. So MicroG is an open-source service project as same as Google service, but it’s giving you freedom, library app, GsfProxy, and more features. Using this MocroG, you can decree dependency on Google and their monopoly.

Now lt’s take a look on ReVanced MicroG which is based on updated for ReVanced YouTube users with added more components. ReVanced MicroG app is required to use ReVanced YouTube on your Android device, even you want to use YouTube with your Google account. Because YouTube required your account if you wish to subscribe, like, comment, and others access. Google Play Services is a proprietary framework developed by Google that provides essential functionalities and APIs to Android applications. Meanwhile, every Android device comes with inbuilt YouTube app which you can’t uninstall from your device, so you have to install ReVanced MicroG app to use latest ReVanced YouTube app.

ReVanced MicroG is designed as a replacement for the official Google Play Services, offering similar functionality without the need for Google’s proprietary software. Moreover, it has respecting user privacy and more control over data sharing. So you can use it to stop sharing your personal data with Google.

Continue The Journey With ReVanced

As we all know, old YouTube Vanced getting discounted, that’s why you have to use the ReVanced which is based on recent YouTube version. So you can keep continuing your most loved YouTube Vanced with more added improved features. So if you found any issue or bug with your old YouTube Vanced then you have to immediately move to the ReVanced YouTube which have more relevant features. But before you use this ReVanced app, you may need to know this is a modified version of original microG project which is a free to use open source project and best alternative of Google Play Services. So before you use this modded version you must need to know about the developers or is it safe to use and trusted enough. To make sure those terms, we have provided you all about the app backend information in this article, which you can read carefully.

Vanced MicroG vs ReVanced MicroG

Well, Vanced MicroG and ReVanced MicroG both app are modified version of original MicroG app which is an open source free to use work as same Google Play Services for Android devices. This both app designed to work with popular YouTube Vanced which is a modded version of original YouTube App. The different between this Vanced MicroG and ReVanced MicroG app only their compatibility and support.

In short, ReVanced MicroG App is mode for ReVanced YouTube and Vanced MicroG app for old YouTube Vanced that’s it. And using this app is necessary to use features from YouTube Vanaced like background playback, ad-blocking, and other enhancements.

Vanced MicroG: Vanced MicroG app was specifically developed to be used with the older versions of YouTube Vanced. This app also helps users to use YouTube Vanced with your Google account that you can use to subscribe a channel, like a video, watch latter, comment, etc.

ReVanced MicroG: As same as, ReVanced also gives same features which is based on recent project that is intended to work with the newer versions of YouTube Vanced. Even it comes with optimized for the latest YouTube Vanced releases and includes bug fixes and improvements.

Therefore, it’s depend on your YouTube Vanced version like if you are using the latest recent releases YouTube Vanced then you have to use ReVanced MicroG, it’s simple. Well, it is recommended to use ReVanced MicroG for better compatibility and support.

NameReVanced MicroG
Developed byinotia00
Size75 MB
Last UpdateOct 27, 2023

Key Features of ReVanced MicroG

  • Sign-in support: This is the most relevant key features of ReVanced MicroG app which help user to sing in with your Google account and use an app via like YouTube ReVanced.
  • UnifiedNlp: ReVanced MocroG also added features like UnifiedNlp module, which provides an open-source alternative to Google’s location services. That give apps to access location-related features.
  • SafetyNet API: SafetyNet is an API that enables developers to assess the security and integrity of a device. ReVanced also give this feature which may be required to use an app.
  • Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) support: MicroG provides a compatible implementation of GCM, which allow getting push notification from the cloud, This most app depend on GCM which used to send you notification.
  • App compatibility: ReVanced MicroG aims to improve compatibility with apps that rely on Google Play Services, which allow a app to use on your device even if not an official Google apps.

All New Advanced Features of ReVanced MicroG

Till as you can read we have told you about ReVanced app with some basic information of it’s and key features of it. Now if you want to know more about this app origin and features then check this out below.

Enhanced Your Privacy

Enhanced Your Privacy

Yes, MicroG give users an enhanced privacy such like reduced Google Services dependence, limited data collection, control over permissions, decentralized location services, etc. Now you can more secure your data from others apps using MicroG. By using MicroG as an alternative to Google Play Services, you can significantly reduce your reliance on Google’s proprietary services. Its main aim is to privacy-focused implementation of Google Play Services, even this app also reduce unnecessary data sharing with others app.

Google Login

Google Login

MicroG provides the capability to log in with a Google account on Android devices without relying on the official Google Play Services. As you know, Google logged-in users to sign in to apps and services using their Google account credentials. So you can sing in MicroG app with your Google Account and give authentication to others app too with avoiding Google services. Once the user has successfully logged in with their Google account through MicroG, it enables app-level synchronization features. Moreover, MicroG help users to grant or revoke permissions for apps that request access to their Google account information.

Anti Ban

Anti Ban

MicroG, is an open-source implementation of Google Play Services which will allowing you to use an app like Vanced or ReVanced on your Android device and get cloud notification from the app. That’s it and there is no risk or restrictions using this app. So you can use this app without any worry on your Android for free. However, it’s important to note that se of certain apps or modifications, including MicroG, might potentially violate the terms of service of specific platforms or apps. So if they found any annoying activities then it’s part of risk of account suspension or banning.

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Lots of peoples think that MicroG have to use for Vanced YouTube as a tool which is used to complicate, but it’s not at all. Use this app is pretty easy and simple as well, you just need to download and install on your Android then use a app like YouTube ReVanced without following any guide. It’s just allowing an app like YouTube ReVanced to run on your Android device properly and sing in with Google account. Also, it’s depend on your wish you use YouTube ReVanecd with your Google account, it’s not required to use with your account.

Avoid Google Play Service

Avoid Google Play Service

MicroG app is made for to avoid Google Play Services, which you can use to save your data from Google. In short, its aim is to provide users their own freedom also allowing users to utilize apps that depend on them. It provides a compatible implementation of various Google APIs, allowing apps that rely on Google Play Services to function correctly. Now if you also want to use YouTube Vanced with your account to use more advanced features of YouTube like subscription, Like a video, upload a video, watch latter, etc then you can sing in with your account via MicroG app.

How To Download and Install ReVanced MicroG

The most impotent part of this post is you have to know how you can use or download this app from here. That’s why we have shown you a proper downloading and installation guide for you. But if you already install an app manually on your Android device, then you can skip this guide as well.

To Download: To download the APK file from here is like a piece of cake. Just click on the download button and get the APK file. Click on the button>> Visit the download page>> Select the version and get the APK file.

To Install: As you know, this is a third party app which is developed by inotia00 who is a popular and trusted GitHub member who deploy this app by using official MicroG project and make compatibility for latest ReVanced YouTube. Now if you are like to use recent YouTube ReVanced then you have to use ReVanced MicroG app for batter using experience. So here is the perfect installation guide with images.

Steps 01: Before you install this app make you have enabled the unknown source from your device setting. To enable setting>> Security>>Unknown Source enable. (Alternative: File Manager app setting down below, enable unknown source)

Steps 02: Now click on the APK file from your file manager, and then installation process will take a moment.

Steps 03: After complete the installation process done, you can open the MicroG app and sing in with your Google account. (Note: If you don’t want to sing in then you don’t need to do anything, but it’s required to use YouTube Vanced)

Download ReVanced MicroG For Android

There are no long different between Vanced MocroG and ReVanced MicroG app but for some devices may require to use the latest MicroG which is known as ReVanced to use ReVanced YouTube. But we highly recommend you to use ReVanced MicroG with optimized for the latest YouTube Vanced releases and includes bug fixes and improvements. But keep in mind you must have to use MicroG app when you have installed a Vanced YouTube on your Android device otherwise may your Vanced app got errors and back to home screen. For your more satisfaction, we also recommend you to visit to scan this app and detect malware.

People Also Search

Is ReVanced MicroG safe?

Yes, ReVanced microG will be safe to use which is an open source project which is known as best alternative of Google Play service. But we highly recommend you to always download the APK from trusted source like XDA. Even we have shared with you the ReVancd microG app latest app collected from (

How to install ReVanced MicroG for YouTube ReVanced?

As we have already told you, we have made this installation easy for you where you just need to download the APK file and install as usual, for more details you can also check out our simple installation guide. Even you don’t need to follow any others method or steps just install and use ReVanced YouTube and sing in with your Google account.

Does MicroG send data to Google?

No, MicroG does not send data to Google by default. And this is the key goals of MicroG app to providers users privacy and stop sharing data with Google. MicroG provides an implementation of the necessary APIs and services that apps require for functionality, such as device registration and push notifications, without sending data directly to Google’s servers.

Is it possible to Install ReVanced MicroG and Official MicroG on the same device?

Installing both ReVanced MicroG and the official MicroG on the same device simultaneously is not recommended. ReVanced MicroG is a modified version of original MicroG app which may lead to conflicts and compatibility issues. And ReVanced gives you more features than MicroG. Therefore, there is generally no need to install both versions simultaneously.

Does ReVanced microG app have play store?

No, ReVanced MicroG does not include the Google Play Store. ReVanced MicroG is an alternative implementation of Google Play Services, providing compatibility for apps that rely on Google Play Services APIs. However, it does not include the full Google Play Store functionality.

How do I turn off battery optimization on my MicroG?

The process of disabling battery optimization depending on the specific Android device. However, the here are general steps: App setting>> Battery saver>> set it on no restriction.


    1. Compatibility with Google-dependent Apps
    2. Privacy-Focused Approach
    3. Open-Source and Transparent
    4. Reduced Resource Consumption


    1. Limited Functionality
    2. App Incompatibility
    3. Security Risks
    4. Installation Complexity