ReVanced Manager

ReVanced Manager is more powerful than Vanced Manager, which people use to patch multiple apps, fix broken features, logo branding, etc. This app is built by a developer team and is free to use for Android devices, which you can also download from their official GitHub account. Well, as you know, last year Vanced Manager was closed due to Google legal notice.

Current Version: V1.14.2

And to keep continuing this amazing Vanced project, a group of developers deployed this ReVanced project which with a more powerful and added ReVanced Manager which not only for YouTube ReVanced and music it’s also helped to patch multiple apps like TikTok, Twitch, Reddit, Twitter, and Spotify. So it’s not only a manager app, from this ReVanced Manager app you can also patch your own app and add features and update as well.

Ultimately, ReVanced Manager is an all-in-one tool app for your Android which actually help you to access your device apps and customized as you wish. Well, this is a newly released app which is in beta mode with needed features for ReVanced YouTube and the developers disclosed that they will improve the app with next upcoming updates.

ReVanced Manager for Android

What Is ReVanced Manager?

As we all know, old Vanced Manager service got closed by Google LLC, Due to some legal issues and that’s why keep continued the legacy of Vanced, the behind members of community take responsibility of Vanced update which is well known as ReVanced. And ReVanced Manager is like Vanced Manager, which comes with more revolutionary features like gives you option to before patch, allow multiple apps patch, repair broken features, inbuilt features patch your app as per your device Android version, etc. In short, ReVanced is a app which is Vanced Manager but bring with more advanced features for their users. It may not easy to use for some users, but if you read the installation guide carefully then you can also install your own ReVanced YouTube using ReVanced Manager.

App NameReVanced Manager
App Size45 MB
Latest Version1.14.2
last UpdateOct 27, 2023

Continue The Journey With ReVanced

Vanced word was got most populated worldwide who love to watch YouTube without ads. Sadly, the official old Vanced now has been fully discontinued by the official developer. But it’s not over, another team of developers again deploy ReVanced on GitHub which is based on recent update and fully working for every Android devices. Now you can keep continuing your Vanced YouTube entrainment which is well known as ReVanced YouTube, and in this article we are tried to guide you in right path and how you can use your most loved Vanced YouTube with features like ad-blocking and background playback, and more. The good news is from here you can download the direct ReVanced YouTube APK from then you can skip the using of ReVanced Manager app and others guide, because we are always tried to make it easier for you.

NOTE: ReVanced Manager based on Flutter, and this project is maintained by team ReVanced (a group of developers) and this project is still under development, some features will add soon. Like download APK files, patch beta version, etc.

Vanced Manager vs ReVanced Manager

Vanced ManagerReVanced Manager
Download And Update Not AvailableDownload And Update Available
No Improvements (outdated)Improvements
Provide older Version VancedProvide Latest Version Vanced
May Not Work Some DevicesWork Every Device (7+)

Key Features of ReVanced Manager

ReVanced is an Android application that is primarily used to manage and install the ReVanced of applications. And most of the people use it for the YouTube ReVanced. Here are some key features of ReVanced Manager app.

  • Easy Installation
  • One-Click Updates
  • App Management
  • Non-Root Support
  • Easy to download and update (soon)

Features of ReVanced Manager

Using ReVanced Manager you can build your own version ReVanced YouTube, YouTube Music, And others app like Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, Twitch, Spotify. Well, This app is free to use for Android which you can download from here, with its easy to use as well where you don’t have code or others tools. Here are some major features of ReVanced Manager app.

Patch Original Applications

Patch Original Applications

ReVanced Manager is an application that allows patching of original applications, in one click with its inbuilt features you can choose a feature before patch. But, this option is only for selected app, which you can check from the official source here. ReVanced allow you to select the app from manager app and build as you like or as per your requirement. Even, it’s also provided the update notification, so you don’t need to worry about the download and install process.

Fix Broken Feature

Fix Broken Feature

If you find any error or bugs with your ReVanced YouTube or YT music, then don’t worry. You can use ReVanced Manager app to fix the broken ReVanced YouTube app, just open manager app and select the ReVanecd YouTube and re-build again and then wait for complete the process, one’s it’s will done then open again and the error will be fixed. Because the rebuild feature will update your YouTube ReVanced to latest which will be fresh and compatible for your Android version as well.

Help to Download Latest

Help to Download Latest

ReVanced also provide inbuilt download an app like YouTube, YT music, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, Twitch, Spotify (soon). Basically, this is a manager app for your ReVanced apps which you can easy to without having any coding knowledge. We have shown you how you can download and install a ReVanced app using ReVanecd Manager app with your Android device, which you can read below. But make sure your Android version must have 7+ otherwise this app may not work.

Logo Branding

Logo Branding

Let me clear this thing about premium logo branding patches, ReVanced Manager is an Android application which you can use to build your own ReVanced app with features you want to add, or you don’t. In short, you can import a normal APK file and start to patch, and it will automatically build a ReVanced app with a brad new premium logo. Moreover, you’ll get to choose feature option which you can select before build the app. So not only features of app will matter now you can build a those app logo look like a premium as well.

Dark Mode UI Design

Dark Mode UI Design

Dark Mode in an Android app refers to a display option that changes the app’s color scheme from a light background to a dark one. It is designed to provide a visually comfortable experience in low-light environments, reduce eye strain, and conserve battery life on devices with OLED or AMOLED screens. And nowadays dark or night mode getting more popular which also impact a good user experience as well, and good for our eye. ReVanced manager appearance also gives you the dark mode option, which you enable for batter experience.

Inbuilt Update

Inbuilt Update

ReVanced Manager app itself that allows users to download and install updates without having to manually visit an app store or download the latest version from a website. The inbuilt update feature a convenient way for app developers to release bug fixes, security patches, feature enhancements, or other updates to their users. So it’s allow you to update the app from its self and don’t need to visit store or site and follow the installation process again. You can check the update status from the front top of the app, if you see the update arrived then you just have to click on update and the latest version will download and then install installation process will take a moment and you’ll the latest version.


As you earlier said, you this is an open source free to use project which is inspired by old Vanced which we can use free on our Android device. Well, if you like their work and ReVanced apps as well as you can show some love or support by donating to the original developer team of ReVanced. And this is a non-profit project and may your donations cheer up the team to improve the app and deeply the next upcoming updates. That’s it! And there are no ads in this app, which you can freely use on your Android device. It’s important to note that if you found a ReVanced Manager app with annoying ads, then uninstall the app as quick as you can and install the original ReVanced app from official source.

All in One Easy to Use

All in One Easy to Use

If you have already installed ReVanced Manager app on your Android, then you don’t need to download others app and tool for any ReVanced apps. Because this is an all-in-one app where from, you can download and install and patch a app by adding features you would link to add (but unfortunately download an app feature not implement yet). So you have to download apk file manually from app store and select then patch with adding features and install enjoy features like Ads free, premium logo, etc.

Download and Install Guide

If you want to download the latest version ReVanced manager APK file from here, then you can get it easily with a single click. Also, you can download from others sources, but before you download the APK file, make sure you are downloading the content from a trusted source. Because there are also fake or malware provider over the internet. Here, provided APK file is collect from the official source, so you don’t need to worry about the APK safety.

  • Click on the download button from the post.
  • You’ll visit the download page where from you can get the APK file with varies of version.

Installation for Non-root Devices

ReVanced Manager is an app that help you to manage some selected app like YouTube, YouTube Music, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, Twitch, Spotify, etc. Well, we have already discussed all about ReVanced Manager features now before you use this app let’s install it on your Android.

  • After download the Manager APK file, go to your device file manager and click on APK file. (Enable Unknown Source: Settings>> Security>> Unknown sources>> Confirm any warning messages about the risks.)
  • Now installation process will start and will take a moment.
  • After complete the process, you can open the ReVanced Manager app.

Install ReVanced YouTube Using ReVanced Manager

Need to Note: ReVanced Manager is still under progress, so that’s why it doesn’t have direct APK file download features. So you have to download the required YouTube or YT music APK file from a trusted APK provider site like ApkPure. See the list of supported versions for apps here.

Download YouTube APK

Steps 01: Open ReVanced Manager and tap on the Patcher.

Steps 02: Tap the Select an application from your device local storage. (Please make sure version supported by ReVanced)

Steps 03: After selecting an application, click on the Patcher button. The patcher processing will take a moment, so wait for it.

Steps 04: That’s it! After complete the process, you have to direct install the ReVanced YouTube APK on your Android device.

Download ReVanced Manager For Android

After old YouTube Vanced closed completely, you must have to move on ReVanced YouTube which is based on recent official YouTube app even you can build your own ReVanced YouTube using ReVanced Manager. And all about we have discussed in this article which you can read to know about the app and how you can use with easy way. The behind of team ReVanced app has lost of backend work which is priceless and appreciated, so if you would like to support the team then you can donate which will be inspired to build next upcoming updates. Meanwhile, is a website which guide peoples to get the right information, we are not the original developers of ReVanced app and all credits to the original developers of ReVanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReVanced Manager?

ReVanced Manager is smaller to Vanced Manager, which major used to download and update ReVanced YouTube and YT Music app for Android devices. But in this new updated ReVanced Manager also served lots of new features which you’ll love to used, like patch multiple apps, repair broken features, logo branding, etc.

How to use ReVanced Manager app for YouTube ReVanced?

It’s very easy to use ReVanced Manager app to patch app like YouTube on your Android, even you don’t need to have piece of code. ReVanced Manager design for all Android devices which help you to made ReVanced YouTube as per your Android required. Just download the latest required version YouTube APK file from a trusted source like uptodown, Apkpure>> open the ReVanced Manager patccher>> Select an app from storage>> then just click on Patcher>> It will take a moment to to process or re build this YouTube ReVanced app then you can simply install the APK file from the manager as well.

Is ReVanced Manager like Vanced Manager?

It’s like Vanced Manager, but it’s having to use with little advanced level, which we have provided you full guide in our installation part. From ReVanced Manager, you can also patch or modified others app like Instagram, Twitter, YT Music, etc. Also, this app help you to update apps and modified an app as per your requirement.

Is ReVanced Manager Safe To Use?

Yes, ReVanced manager is a free to use open source project which is used in a million of peoples on their Android devices. And you can also use this app without any worry because we have also checked its malware and others sources. And the good news is it’s safe to use as well.

Can I Install ReVanced YouTube Using ReVanced Manager?

Yes, you can install ReVanced YouTube using ReVanced Manager, but the inbuilt download APK option on the way. So you have to download the latest version YouTube APK file from others trusted source like Apkpure and uptodown then have to patch using this ReVanced Manager, and then it will rebuild ReVanced YouTube which you can install from there as well.

Can I use ReVanced Manager for Lower Devices?

Sadly, No, you must have Android 8+ to install ReVanced Manager app. Well, if you have lower Android device and wish to use YouTube ReVanced then you can direct download lower variants APK file from here.


    1. YouTube ReVanced Features
    2. User-Friendly Interface
    3. No Root Access Required
    4. Regular Updates Status


    1. Third-Party App
    2. Dependency on ReVanced Manager
    3. Limited Platform Support
    4. Security Risks