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So in this case one of the best solution use using YouTube Music Vanced, But the thing is YouTube Vanced is stopped permanently. Now the best alternative of YouTube Music Vanced is ReVanced Music, Because Revanced Music is same as Vanced Music even Revanced Music APK offer such more features. You can listen to all your favorite music only on ReVanced Music with so many advanced features that you never used before. So if you are also searching for the ReVanced Music then download from here for android and listening all millions of music without having ads.

App NameReVanced Music
App Size50 MB
Latest Version6.23.54
last UpdateOct, 27, 2023

Current Version: v6.23.54-arm-v7a

Current Version: extended-v6.23.54-arm-v7a

ReVanced Music for Root

Current Version: magisk-v6.23.54-arm-v7a

Current Version: extended-v6.23.54-arm-v7a

Note: Please use the MicroG app for the Non-root variant.