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YouTube Vanced is officially closed, and it has no official updates, therefor it’s risky for android device to use old updated application. Now the official replacement of Vanced is YouTube ReVanced which is completely similar to Vanced but in teams of features the ReVanced is more advanced and compatible. The new revolutionary ReVanced offers endless customization with major changes, just like with ReVanced the YouTube shorts can be hide for permanently.

App NameReVanced YouTube (Magisk Module)
App Size157 MB
Latest Version18.40.34
last UpdateOct, 27, 2023
NeedAndroid 8.0+

No MicroG needed

MinDetach module should be installed to detach playstore dependencies.

Easy You must be rooted with Magisk Su when you want to install this module.

Current Version: magisk-v18.40.34

Current Version: magisk-v18.40.34

Current Version: v3.4