Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about us? or ReVanced then read the below FAQs carefully.

FAQ About Us!

Q: Who We Are?

A: We’re just contributors to the ReVanced team (not a developer). And may you know? the official ReVanced Manager app is still not able to build the ReVanced YouTube APK itself. Even it’s not easy to build a ReVanced YouTube for users, in this situation we just provide users with the latest version in build-ready ReVanced YouTube, and YouTube Music Apks.

Q: What do We Do?

A: We share with our visitors genuine live information and updates about ReVanced and what’s going on with the ReVanced community.

Q: Is Our Provided APKs Safe?

A: Yes, our provided Ready Apks are safe to use and have not added any annoying codes or overwrites. Even you can scan those Apks files using a tool like

FAQ About ReVanced APK

Q: What is ReVanced YouTube APK?

A: ReVanced YouTube is a team-built APK of the original YouTube APK which gives more features than a regular YouTube app it gives features like an Ads blocker, Play background, sponsor block, and more features that make people amazed, You can check more features here.

Q: Original Developers of ReVanced YouTube?

A: ReVanced build by a members team which you check from GitHub. But they cleverly built YouTube APK directly due to Google take-down issues.

Q: Is ReVanced YouTube Safe As Old Vanced?

A: Yes, ReVanced is also a safe replacement for old Vanced YouTube.

Q: How This ReVanced Project Work?

A: This is an open-source project which has available on GitHub, ReVanced Patcher helped us to build ReVanecd YouTube by adding lots of features, and thanks to the developers’ team they didn’t add any third party to this app. And this project only works with GitHub sponsorship. Also, you can donate to keep alive this project.


Q: Facing Error To Self-Build ReVanced APK?

A: If you want to build ReVanced YouTube by your self then you can do that by following the steps here. So make sure you have downloaded the supported YouTube APK version and allow some necessary permission.

Q: Automatically Exist When You Open ReVanced YouTube?

A: If you are facing this issue then you first have to update your Apk version by installing the latest version. And don’t forget to turn off the battery optimization of ReVanced YouTube. To do that go to ReVanced YouTube App Setting>> down below battery setting.

Q: YouTube New Layout Not Working?

A: May you know ReVanced YouTube by default comes with the old classic layout and if you want to use the latest new version layout with a short button, and create button then you go to settings>> Revanced>> Layout>> and enable as you want and re-start the app again.

Q: Google Account Log-In Faild?

A: ReVancd is no longer working with the old MicroG app so you need to make sure you install the latest version MicroG app which is known as also Play Core Service. So you have to update your MicroG app as well, (But for the extended version you have to use the inotia00 build MicroG app).

ReVanced YouTube crashing/not working?

Please make sure you’re using the latest version of YouTube ReVanced APK and if not install the latest one and uninstall the old version, and don’t forget to enable those necessary permissions as well.

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