YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced is a highly customized free client of official YouTube which is replacement of the legendary YouTube Vanced. Unlike YouTube, ReVanced APK has endless advanced features as compare to Vanced. Those who are Vanced user continue the legacy with this official replacement YouTube ReVanced and utilize revolutionary exclusive features like Ads Blocked, Instant Download, Return YouTube Dislike, Background Playback, SponsorBlock, etc.

ReVanced MicroG

Continue The legacy With ReVanced

YouTube Vanced is officially closed, and it has no official updates, therefor it’s risky for android device to use old updated application. Now the official replacement of Vanced is YouTube ReVanced which is completely similar to Vanced but in teams of features the ReVanced is more advanced and compatible. The new revolutionary ReVanced offers endless customization with major changes, just like with ReVanced the YouTube shorts can be hide for permanent. Customization available which people have never used before with the legendary Vanced, just like the branding logo can be replacement. Enhance the experience of using the Vanced with its major changes and new user-friendly interface where everything is available. To hold the legendary legacy of old YouTube Vanced utilize the YouTube ReVanced and feel the real nostalgic by adopting next generation features.


What Does ReVanced Do?

ReVanced is a non-profit open source free to use project which actually help us to customize a normal app into premium by applying patches to our applications. ReVanced project is inspired by Vanced which was the world’s most populated YouTube modified app which peoples used to watch YouTube without Ads, Background Play, SponsorBlock like more features. Well, ReVanced is not only work for ReVanced YouTube, it’s also allowed users to apply patches to variants apps like YouTube Music, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, Messenger, Spotify, etc. To use ReVanced patches features, they have built ReVanced Manager app which allow you to apply patches to your applications. You can download it from GitHub official account or for latest version.

Major Features

The YouTube ReVanced is only known for offering major features that people never used beefore in any other modified application and that why this YouTube ReVanced is the best advanced version of YouTube after YouTube Vanced. It has so many major changes then previews, get features inlcuding Ads Blocked, Instant Download, Return YouTube Dislike, Background Playback, SponsorBlock, etc.

App NameReVanced YouTube
App Size93 MB
Latest Version18.31.40
last UpdateSep 20, 2023
NeedAndroid 8.0+

Ads Free

Watching YouTube content ads are the only thing which make people annoying, and the best way to stop ads is getting the premium membership in exchange for money. However, the ReVanced APK is the only best option which can offers completely ads free service without any premium subscription. It has inbuilt ad’s blocker which never appear ads while watching content, including banner ads too.

Play Background

Listen to the best podcast available to YouTube with the ReVanced background player. Background play is also a premium feature which only include in the premium subscription otherwise daily use can’t use the background play in the official YouTube. Moreover, forget the official YouTube and adopt the YouTube ReVanced to play any videos or music videos in the background and do others task while enjoying ultimate content.


Official YouTube has no solution for SponsorBlock therefor people have to watch each of the sponsors available on any video they are watching. Although they can skip that but still that process isn’t a good impression for uses. To avoid those each of the sponsor part in the videos there are only option is ReVanced App. Because it has inbuilt SponsorBlock features that will automatically skip the sponsor part while watching content.

Download Content

Everyone knonws that YouTube doesn’t allow people to download content to their internal storage because it only allows saving video in the YouTube account as an offline video. And to download video from YouTube people use third party application and third party web tools. But the thing is using third party thing isn’t safe that why if you want to download YouTube content then use this app, Because ReVanced has feature to download videos directly to internal storage.

What’s New in ReVanced YouTube

Since the YouTube Vanced has stopped, people are worried about what they used in the Vanced and how they can use those incredible features. Now the wait is over with the most advanced and official replacement YouTube ReVanced. The ReVanced is not only same as YouTube Vanced even its offering features that people never used in the Vanced. Just like using the old version there people have to watch YT shorts compulsory, In the other hand ReVanced comes with the new revolutionary features which can totally disable shorts. Not only that it include new classic layout custom branding and include so many other VIP features as compare to YouTube Vanced.


Using the YouTube Vanced people have experienced the best advanced version of official YouTube and user are so satisfied with that but when the officially Vanced has closed they thought the era is end. But you will wonder by knowing that this new generation of YouTube advanced version ReVanced offers far better features than its previews version. With the YouTube ReVanced you can permanently disable the shorts button if you don’t want to watch shorts.


When you opened the official YouTube can see the official branding of YouTube in the left top of the interface. But if you are a premium member then you can see that will appear as premium and this same as with Vanced. However, with the ReVanced its completely different experience, because it has option to add custom branding where you can put anything. All you just have to add the branding in the beginning when you will install the app with the ReVanced Manager patches.

Classic Layout

Miss the old classic layout which you have used with the legendary YouTube Vanced? So your wait is over now you can experience the same thing with YouTube ReVanced even with better enhancement. Those who are old user of Vanced they always used to it and they get very addictive with the classic layout and those incredible features. So just utilize the ReVanced and feel the real nostalgic with same layout new features.

Hide Watermark

Those who are watching YouTube since many months they know very well that when watching videos there will be watermark which will be appearing on the below right side of the display. Basically that watermark given from the creator who wants to promote their channel, And they can change it or they can add their channels logo too. But if you find that annoying for you then with the ReVanced you can hide the watermark too.

Return Dislike

We all know that YouTube has officially launched in 2005 and from the beginning its becoming so popular across the world. Then back to 2010 when they officially launched Like and Dislike button for each of the video. From that time people are getting very much used to Like and Dislike button because they can give their feedback through the buttons also. But in September 2021 YouTube decided to remove those button permanently. However, if you want the Like and Dislike button back then install the YouTube ReVanced and get back those buttons.

Swipe Control

Swipe control is one of the most useful feature for all the YouTube users because they can control the device sound and brightness through it. Basically if you have used some video player on android device then you know that there are swipe control available where you can control the video sound by swiping the display. So the same way you can control the video sound and brightness by just swiping the display in the ReVanced App.

Key features of revanced youtube

Added Key Features of ReVanced YouTube

Custom Setting

Always Autorepeat

Client Spoof

Custom Branding

Custom Video Buffer

External Downloads

Disable Setting

Disable Auto Captions

Disable Fullscreen Panels

Disable Player Popup Panels

Disable Shorts On Startup

Disable Zoom Haptics

Enable Debugging

Hide Setting

Hide Ads

Hide Breaking News Shelf

Hide Captions Button

Hide Cast Button

Hide Crowdfunding Box

Hide Shorts Components

Hide Video Action Buttons

Layout Setting

HDR Auto Brightness

Minimized Playback

Navigation Buttons

Old Quality Layout

Open Links Externally

Premium Heading

Remember Video Quality

Remove Player Controls Background

Return YouTube Dislike



Vanced MicroG Support

Video Ads

Different Between Vanced and ReVanced

Disable ShortsEnable Short
Hide all AdsShow Some Ads
Classic LayoutRegular Layout
External Downloads SupportNot Downloads Support
Based on Latest VersionBased on Old Version
Premium HeadingRegular Heading

How to Install Using ReVanced Manager

If you don’t know how to install Revanced YouTube using ReVanced Manager, then let me guide you with your Android device. (But before you install, make sure your device Android version 7+)

Steps 01: Download the latest version ReVanced Manager APK from official source (GitHub) and install on your Android device.

Steps 02: Then you have to download the official YouTube APK from trusted source like UptoDown, ApkPure, etc. Before you download the YouTube APK file, please check supported latest version (🎯 18.32.39).

Steps 03: Now open ReVanced Manager and click on Patch>> Select an application>> Tap on storage, locate the downloaded APK file and select.

Steps 04: After you select the APK file, click on patch, with you can also use the custom branding option. Now the patches process will take a moment after complete it you can click on install and open to watch YouTube Ads free and background play.

Note: That’s it! That’s the way you can install the latest version ReVanced YouTube using ReVanced Manager easily. But you need to note you also have to install MicroG app on your same Android device to log in with your Google account and avoid others errors. (MicroG is mast required for Vanced and ReVanced YouTube)

APK File Installation Guide

Well, Installation ReVanced YouTube APK directly on an Android device easier than using manager at this moment may you know ReVanced Manager direct download APK file feature still not implement yet. So you should install a ReVanced YouTube APK file direct, which may not complicated process for many users. Follow the guide below to install ReVanced YouTube APK file:

Steps 01: Download the preset ready ReVanced YouTube APK file from here, which we have already built with based on latest version. Even we have also shared with you rooted version as well, and theme variants.

Steps 02: Before you install an APK file, your device must have to enable the unknown source permission. To enable, go to device setting>> security>> enable unknown source.

Steps 03: Now you can install any third-party including ReVanced YouTube app, now visit your device file manager and click on the ready APK file and installation process will take a moment. After the installation process done, you can open the app and enjoy with those pro features for free.

Note: Vanced MicroG app must require to use ReVanced YouTube and Music app, which also help users to log in with their Google account.

Some Common Errors With Solution

ReVanced YouTube is a modified version app of official YouTube app which is maintained by a group of developers. Which is free to use with depended on app. So may their errors and bugs can reflect on your Android device version, so if you also faced some errors then here are some common solution.

Installation Error: If you’re facing issues while installing ReVanced YouTube, such as an installation failure or error message, then here are some solution for you.

Ensure you have enabled installation from unknown sources in your device settings.

Make sure you have downloaded the latest version from here.

Clear the cache and data of any previous YouTube installations on your device before installing ReVanced YouTube.

Login Issues: If you are unable to log in with your Google account with ReVanced YouTube, then here are some basic level solution.

Double-check that you are entering the correct login credentials (username and password).

Make sure you have a stable internet connection before attempting to log in.

Also, make sure you have to installed Vanced MicroG app on your Android device to login ReVanced YouTube app.

If the issue persists, try logging in with an alternative Google account to check if it’s specific to your account or a general issue.

Crashing or Freezing: If ReVanced YouTube crashes or freezes frequently, try the following solutions:

Ensure you are using the latest version of ReVanced YouTube. Check for updates and install them if available.

Clear the cache and data of the ReVanced YouTube app from your device settings.

Uninstall and reinstall ReVanced YouTube if the issue persists.

Playback Issues: If you experience problems with video playback, such as buffering, stuttering, or low video quality, consider the following solutions:

Check your internet connection to ensure it’s stable and fast enough for streaming videos.

Clear the cache of ReVanced YouTube, as accumulated cache files may affect video playback.

Try adjusting the video quality settings within ReVanced YouTube to match your internet speed.

If you encounter more specific errors or issues with ReVanced YouTube, we highly recommend you to contact with us, or you can also submit your issues to official developers here.

Disclaimer: We are not behind development of ReVanced app or affiliate with Google LLC anyway. In this web page, we are just giving our user experience with sharing some information about ReVanced YouTube and improvised Google search. We have also provided those developers info above for batter knowing about this app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some most asked question about YouTube ReVanced and their answer. Those answers are based on our team ReVanced using experience, which may also help you to batter understood this app before you used ReVanced. Well, if you have your own though about regrading this app then feel free to submit on comment section or direct contact with us.

Q: What is ReVanced YouTube?

ReVanced YouTube is a part of ReVanced project which is main focus on gives features like premium for free. ReVanced also provides apps patches for YouTube Music, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, Messenger, Spotify, etc. Well, You can patch your normal YouTube app to ReVanced with, adding custom features as you wish. YouTube ReVanced also provide those golden features like Ads free, SponsorBlock, return dislike button, background play, and more.

Q: What Are The Features of ReVanced YouTube?

There are varies of unique features have implemented by the developers in new generation ReVanced YouTube app. Even it’s more interesting, the old YouTube Vanced. In this ReVanced have added more features like custom branding, disable shorts On startup, external downloads, hide ads + sponsor, old layout, etc.

Q: Is ReVanced YouTube legal and Safe to Use?

Revanced YouTube is not an official app developed or endorsed by YouTube or Google. This is a third-party modification app of official YouTube app which is developed by a group of developers in GitHub. Well, does not inherently violate any laws, but modifying and using unofficial apps may be against YouTube’s terms of service. And if you’re talking about your safety and privacy, then this is a safe as original YouTube app which is used my million of peoples daily.

Q: How Can I Download ReVanced YouTube?

Not only using ReVanced Manager you can use ReVanced YouTube app, You can also download preset ReVanced YouTube APK, which we have also shared with you the APK file with you. Where you just need to download the APK file with MicroG app, which help to users log in and make support their devices.

Q: How to Install ReVanecd YouTube Using Manager?

To install ReVanced YouTube using ReVanced Manager is very easy even you don’t need to use any code or other method. Well, ReVanced Manager is still under development where direct APK file download option still not implement yet. So you have to download an original version YouTube APK (Check required version) and import on Manager and click on patch, The process will start then just click on installation. That’s it! Your ReVanced YouTube will be ready to use with all features.

Who is the developer of ReVanced?

To build the Revanced there are so many contributors who have help to build the ReVanced, In one of them oSumAtrIX specifically known as the developer of ReVanced.

How To Install The YouTube ReVanced on PC or Laptop?

Although the YouTube ReVanced is only for Android device so it doesn’t support in other device but still you can install it on PC or Laptop. All you just have to install an emulator to your PC which help you to install the app on PC and BlueStacks is one of the best emulator available.

How To Update YouTube ReVanced?

There are no auto updates available for YouTube ReVanced so you have to update it manually, but you can update it from the ReVanced Manager which appears any kinds of updates on the ReVanced.

How to Solve Buffering Issue in ReVanced Extended?

ReVanced Extended is a very smoth application though but still if in any case it appea any kinds of buffering issue then simply enable protobuf spoof > Settings > ReVanced Extended > Miscellaneous > Enable protobuf spoof then it will fix.

Does ReVanced support non-root devices?

YouTube ReVanced is for all the Android device so you can install it on any android device no matter if it was a rooted device neither non-rooted device.

Does ReVanced Offer YouTube Premium?

Yes of course YouTube ReVanced offers premium features just like YouTube Premium and that the reason why people use it, and it’s completely free to use.

Difference Between ReVanced and ReVanced Extended?

Yes there are so many differences between both of them and if you want to compare them then visit inotia00 Patches and ReVanced Patches.

Last Word

YouTube ReVanced is the only official alternative of YouTube Vanced which bring you those same features, not only that even its offering more than Vanced. So this is the right time to adopt the ReVanced APK to enhance the YouTube content watching experience. In the conclusion we suggest you to utilize all new exclusive features with same old classic layout. We have tested the app with our thousand of users and they find it very well and useful like they found the Vanced. Watch YouTube’s ultimate content without having ads including background player. So download and install the ReVanced APK for android and witness the revolutionary features with the best experience of watching all the content from YouTube.